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 Ontap Water Filters - Installation details in six easy steps

Last year I fitted the Ontap System 1 with chrome tap.
I just thought I'd write to say congratulations both for the product which so far has worked well and especially for the instructions. Whoever wrote them has a real talent for making it clear without wasting words. I do DIY but basically fear plumbing; the job took me quite a while because I took my time, cautiously. I tried hard to follow your advice --  and it paid off.

Dr. M. Scott, Aston University
Fitting your system couldn't be easier. The instructions below cover both water filter systems and are quite detailed but this is to highlight just how easy it really is. If you have drilled a hole before, tightened up a nut and bolt and followed simple Lego® instructions then you will have no problems with fitting your system. Installation will take approx 30 - 40 minutes in total. If you have any questions, please email the Helpdesk

Step 1 - Planning

The most important part of any installation is the planning before you start - so the first step is to read through the instructions below and then start to plan where everything will go.

  • Select a place for the tap to be mounted, ensuring that the spout is over the sink. This may be through the surround of a stainless steel or plastic sink or through the worktop adjacent to the sink (the worktop is easier).
    see Tap Location diagram

  • Find a suitable place on the cold supply pipe for the saddle valve to be mounted. If you are not sure which pipe is the cold one, run the hot tap for a few seconds and mark the cold pipe with a felt pen. Ensure that you will be able to operate the saddle valve tap in this position and that the red plastic pipe will not be obstructed by anything.
    see Saddle Valve diagram

  • Next select a place on a side wall at the back of the cupboard under the sink, for the filter housing(s) to be mounted. The Carbon and Ceramic filters can be mounted at any angle but vertical is best.
    see Mounting Layout diagram

  • Ensure that the red and blue pipes will reach your chosen positions without being over stretched. (If you bend the pipes so that they kink, it will reduce the water flow).

  • Locate the Mains Stop Tap. You do not have to turn the water off to fit your system but it is a safe precaution to know where the tap is before you start. Locate all tools before you start.

Step 2 - Mount the Tap

Use a 10p piece and a pencil to mark a circle where the tap will be mounted on the sink/worktop. Mark the centre of this circle where the hole is to be drilled. Drill the hole with a 12mm or ½ " drill bit. Assemble and fit the tap through the hole and tighten the nut with a 14mm or adjustable spanner. Do not over tighten.
see Tap Assembly diagram

Step 3 - Mount the Saddle Valve

Fully unscrew the tap on the Saddle Valve. Unscrew the mounting nut and position the valve on the cold pipe as in the diagram. Tighten the mounting nut so that the saddle valve is tight on the pipe but do not over tighten as this could damage the pipe. Do not screw the Saddle Valve tap down yet.
see Saddle Valve diagram

Step 4 - Mount the Filter Housing

Ensure the rubber 'O' ring seals are positioned correctly in the neck of the filter housing(s). Ensure that all packing material has been removed from inside the filter housing(s). Insert the carbon (and ceramic) filter element(s) carefully into their housings and screw on the cap(s).

Screw the mounting bracket(s) to your chosen position(s) on the side wall of the sink cabinet and then push the filter housing(s) into it/them.

Step 5 - Connect Up the System

System 1 - Push the two push-fit connectors onto either end of the filter housing. Push the blue pipe from the Drinking Water Tap into the top push-fit of the housing & the red pipe from the Saddle Valve into one side of the blue & white Inline Tap. Now connect the other side of the Inline Tap to the bottom push-fit of the housing with the short red pipe. Leave the Inline tap open (with the lever pointing along the tube).
see System 1 diagram

System 2 - Push the four push-fit connectors onto either end of the filter housings. Push the blue pipe from the Drinking Water Tap into the top push-fit of the Carbon filter housing & the red pipe from the Saddle Valve into one side of the blue & white Inline Tap. Now connect the other side of the Inline Tap to the bottom push-fit of the Ceramic filter housing with the short red pipe. Lastly, connect the two filter housings with the blue link pipe provided. Leave the Inline tap open (with the lever pointing along the tube).
see System 2 diagram

Step 6 - Turn the System on and Test

Open the tap on the sink/worktop by lifting the tap lever upwards. Next screw the tap (not the mounting nut) on the saddle valve fully down (clockwise) - this will pierce the pipe. Next unscrew it in the opposite direction. Water will start to flow through the filter and out of your new tap by the sink. There will be a lot of air to dispel from the filter so flush at least 3 litres of water through the system before turning it off. Check for leaks.
When all the air has been dispelled from the system, turn the saddle valve tap down until the water flow rate is approximately 2.5 - 3.0 litres/min.
(Chlorine is removed by absorption and therefore the slower the flow, the more chlorine is removed)

Your water filter system is fully installed and you now have crystal clear drinking water Ontap.
see Saddle Valve diagram
see Inline tap

Note: To remove push-fit connectors, push the pipe & collet into the connector. The pipe will pull out easily.
CAUTION: Do not pull the pipe out unless it comes out easily.
           see Push-fit Connector diagram
(The diagram shows a straight connector but the principle is the same for all our push-fit connectors)

- Our Ceramic Filters remove over 99.99% of Bacteria & Cysts from your water -
- The cost of protecting your family with a Carbon+Ceramic Filter System is less than 1p per Litre! -
- Our Systems can easily be installed in less than 45 minutes -

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