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System 2: Ceramic & Solid Carbon Block Filters Remove Bacteria, Cysts, Chlorine and more

This is a complete self-install Twin Filter Ceramic + Carbon Block Water Filter System that is fitted under sink. The system uses a ceramic filter to remove Bacteria & Cysts and a solid block carbon filter to remove Chlorine & over 80 other chemicals, turbidity, bad taste & odours from your water. Essential salts and minerals that are important to good health are not removed. The system delivers clean, fresh and healthy drinking water from a dedicated tap mounted on or adjacent to your sink.


Bacteria & Cysts are removed with a Ceramic Filter

The Ceramic Water Filter removes Turbidity and more than 99.99% of harmful pathogenic organisms from your water. Organisms such as Salmonella Typhi, E.Coli, Shigella, Giardia, Cryptosporidium and other waterborne parasites that can upset your stomach and compromise your health.
How safe is your water...

Chlorine is removed with a Carbon Block Filter

Chlorine is now generally acknowledged as being a major cause of many serious medical problems. It is wise to remove it from your drinking water at the point of use. Some of the known problems from drinking Chlorine are listed below:
  • Miscarriage
  • Stillbirth
  • Stroke
  • Spina Bifida
  • Breast cancer
  • Kidney cancer
  • Bladder cancer
  • Bowel cancer
  • Lung damage
  • Impaired thyroid
  • Immune system breakdown
  • Heart disease/Heart attack
  • Low Sperm count
  • Fertility problems
  • Triggers asthma

GAC Carbon Block Water Filters - How they work

This advanced water filter has a nominal 3 micron rating and offers maximum absorption of Chlorine and other chemicals due to the large internal surface area (within the pores of the filter) that is approximately 14 times greater than normal loose fill GAC water filters and not subject to channelling which is a common cause of failure for regular GAC filters.
The carbon block filter removes Chlorine plus Herbicides, Pesticides and many other dangerous chemicals and all particles over 3 microns in our water such as sand, silt, rust and over 80 other substances from your drinking water.

Ceramic Water Filters - How they work

The Ceramic filter has a fine pore size of less than 1 micron which acts as a physical barrier against pathogenic bacteria and protozoan cysts such as E.Coli and Cryptosporidium in your water. The filter also acts as a pre-filter, removing Turbidity to the Carbon Filter and helps to prolong it's efficiency. The removal of Turbidity leaves your water sparkling clean and clear.

This excellent fresh water filter system produces crystal clear water straight from your tap - like bottled water but at a fraction of the cost.

System 2 Contents List: (Part No: OTS2C)
- All metal Chrome Tap with factory-fitted pipe and mounting kit
- Ceramic Water Filter to remove Bacteria & Cysts (+ prefiltration)
- Carbon Block Water Filter to remove Chlorine & other chemicals
- Saddle valve to regulate the water flow, with factory-fitted pipe
- Isolator Tap for easy filter changing
- 2 x Filter Housings with O Rings, Mounting Brackets & Screws
- 4 x Push-fit Connectors
Filters last for 6 months or 2600 litres (whichever comes first). Running cost approx 1p / litre

System 1 Water Filter

System 2 - Complete Home Water Filter System

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Carbon Block Water Filter + Ceramic Water Filter.

Chemicals (Chlorine etc) + Bacteria and Cysts.   See what System 2 Filters remove (click the BACK button to return to this spot)
£55.00 (incl. first filter set).
£5.00 - Any Qty.

Stop wasting money on bottled water. Install your own water filter system! (No plumber required)
Ceramic/Carbon filtration systems are fresher, more convenient and cost less than 1p per litre

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